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SMALLPOWER - Energias Renováveis, Lda

About Company

SmallPower – Energias Renováveis, Lda. emerged from the strategic vision, proactive approach and environmental concerns of its members, whose experience and know-how bring a competitive advantage in the sector. SmallPower provides several products, services and solutions for energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy.

SmallPower has been focusing on innovation and continuous improvement of the quality of our products, processes and services. Now our focus is on competitiveness, driven by passion, knowledge and innovation. With a young and committed team, SmallPower gives special attention to training and specialization of its employees, according to what our products and services require. That is how we maintain quality.

SmallPower has unique and ambitious growth objectives. We value the investment in intangible elements that enhance competitiveness, and that will help us growing sustainably, for example information technologies, digital economy, trade and marketing, management, organizational skills, environment, energy efficiency, quality.

Globalization is a current and irreversible phenomenon. Competition became global. Therefore it is imperative for businesses to adapt to a rapidly changeable market. Thus, SmallPower intends to base its growth on solid pillars of sustainability, seeking to expand its activities to foreign markets and gain a privileged position in global market.


SmallPower’s mission is to suppress the needs and expectations of both clients and stockholders, providing them perk through our products and services. We offer a service of excellence, as a result of acquired know-how, technological knowledge, innovation, performance and our experience and comprehension of the different cultures of the countries where we develop our activity.

SmallPower is guided by respect for the natural and cultural environment. Our prime objective is to plan, build and manage integrated systems that promote the efficient and reliable use of the natural resources, as well as energy saving. We also make efforts to maximize the economical and environmental sustainability on a local, regional and global dimension, by adapting our services to each context.

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Organizational Structure of the Company

SmallPower has several departments that enable a proper functioning of the company:

Administration Department - main responsibilities are accounting and management.

Engineering Department - main responsibilities are product evaluation and testing, project development and monitoring

Agriculture Department - main responsibilities are project development in sustainable agriculture branch

Marketing Department - main responsibilities are PR, webmarketing, CRM


SmallPower – Energias Renováveis, Lda. emerged from the strategic vision, proactive approach and environmental concerns of its members, whose experience and know-how bring a competitive advantage in the sector. SmallPower's Members have been working on the energy market since the beginning of their careers. Therefore they have been improving their skills for several years and now can apply their full strength on new and innovative products.

Company Profile

Basic Information

Company Name SMALLPOWER - Energias Renováveis, Lda
Company Location Rua Óscar da Silva, nº1280 - 5º, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
Business Types Distributor, Export, Import, Services, Agent
Offered Products Electric Vehicles, Isolated Solar Systems, Solar modules, Solar Street Lighting, Solar Thermal-Hot Water System, Solar Thermal-Pool Heating System, Water pumping systems, Wind Turbines
Offered Services Energy Certification, Solar installation materials, Solar Instalations Maintenance
Year Established 2009
Brand(s) Axitec, Bosch, Fuda Solar, Kaco, Outback, Plurisol, SMA, SolarMax, Steca, Studer, Whitfield Solar
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Ownership & Capital

Ownership Type Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Trade & Markets

Main Markets Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau
Currency Type EUR

Member Info

Member Since December 6, 2010
Last Visit Date December 7, 2010 (10 year(s) ago)
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